Posted by: iansales | December 14, 2010

black light

once upon a time
our days and our hearts
were filled with light,
we flourished and grew fat
in the warmth of our sun,
we prospered and grew rich
beneath its nurturing light.

then our sun began to die.

our world grew dim,
the landscape draped
with blood-red shadows,
pools of burgundy night
lurked in hollows, on hillsides.
lean years, cold years,
we declined and grew thin.

we did not want to die.

we looked to our scientists
for explanations, for answers.
we gave them what few resources
remained, we could scavenge.
we spent what little we had,
we sacrificed our present
on the altar of science.

they tore our world apart.

now we live in the shadow of emptiness
beneath a sun that can never be seen,
the darkness that pulls,
the light that never escapes,
a world of eternal night:
fustian, stygian,


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