Posted by: iansales | July 14, 2010


… the time machine folds into the present
into the now from elsewhen
I spy a man upon it
and understand in no time
he seems still mired in the past
slow to react
I leap on the machine
and hurl him from it
he sprawls into the 21st century
I grab the brass lever on the fascia
and yank it back
the sun flies across a blue sky
the moon bursts
the stars flash
the days and nights blink ever faster

history is mine to explore
I shall find my own narrative
and know the hand of the author
winners will have equal standing with losers
the truth I shall carry through time

something is wrong
the present pulls me back
the past will not let me visit
a different country and the border is closed
the machine slows
out of time it halts
and reverse-time reverses once again
flowing forward faster and faster
the past is fixed
and cannot be changed
the future remains fluid
and visitors are welcome

… the time machine folds into the present
I am shoved roughly from my seat
and sprawl into the 21st century



  1. I do like the thesis of this poem…very clever and true about the relationship between the past & future..kudos!

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