Posted by: iansales | March 14, 2010

i wandered lonely as an astronaut

I wandered lonely on the Moon,
a man apart, spacesuit of white,
where on the ground grey rocks lay strewn
and in the sky the Earth so bright;
at my back, the LM shining gold –
sanctuary from this lifeless cold.

Two hundred and fifty thousand,
the miles I’ve flown to reach this sea
and on this arid orb to land –
though on this world no rain can be,
nor cloud float o’er hills and dales,
where only airless cold prevails.

I travelled here for all mankind –
a giant leap; I am the first,
and when I’ve gone I’ll leave behind
my footprints in the pristine dirt;
they’ll not fade, they’ll last forever,
mute witness to this endeavour.

A solitude deeply profound
enshrouds me as I bounce and run
across grey sand and rocky ground,
alone beneath a hot bright sun;
I cannot touch, I cannot feel,
it makes this world seem not quite real.

To come so far but not engage
with Earth’s nocturnal twin seems flawed,
somehow wrong, no urge assuaged
to touch and feel and know this world…
yet from a distance, we learnt more
of ourselves than we had before.

I wandered lonely on a plain
of sand and rocks beneath Earth’s light
across a cloudless Sea of Rains
where no drops fall, in endless night.
I rode my chariot of flame,
to Luna’s cratered lands I came.


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