Posted by: iansales | February 27, 2010

look back in wonder

I have seen attackships on fire
off the shoulder of Orion;
I’ve visited ring worlds, neutron
stars, planetoids and Dyson spheres.
I have trod the surface of Mars
and climbed the mountains of Io;
I’ve looked in the maws of black holes
generated by collapsed stars –
beyond the event horizon –
seen supernovae, red giants
and white dwarfs, and their denizens,
lived under skies bright with other suns.
I’ve fought invading aliens
and in turn been an invader
myself; I’ve seen the end of the
world many times and the seven
ages of man from first through to last.
I’ve seen history rewritten
in oh so many ways, and then
been to the future and the past.
I’ve flown in capsules and rockets,
spaceships and starships, across the
universe; I’ve piloted them,
been captain, marine, space cadet,
king, emperor and president,
explorer, warrior, Lensman…
on Earth, Barsoom, Arrakis and
an Orbital; and then I went
through wormholes and hyperspace to
other worlds, other dimensions,
seen aliens big as oceans
and creatures just like me and you.
I have travelled through time and I’ve
even seen the invisible
man; I’ve seen the improbable,
the implausible; I’ve lived the lives
of others in other times, on
other worlds, other races, genders,
saved the world and had adventures…
All this and so much more I’ve done.


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