Posted by: iansales | January 11, 2010

my future has caught up with me, part one

Let’s light this candle, says our commander.
He’s our shepherd; we follow willingly.
Poyekhali! yells the pilot, and the
ion rocket ignites and sets us free.
I can think of nothing clever to say
so I just watch my home slowly recede.

A slow pressure pushes us from orbit
past Luna and into the friendless night;
Earth is now a coloured ball which could fit
in the palm of your hand, until its light
has gone as if it never were; I pray
we’ll not fly forever, that we’ll succeed.

Such a long way, Apollo 11
cannot compare. We are true pioneers,
carrying the lamp of earth where human
has never been and, on some alien sphere,
there to plant the furthest flag in the name
of our race ‘neath the light of another sun.

After days of acceleration, we
are at ninety percent c; and our small
world stretches and spindles as we break free
of Time’s straitjacket, its impersonal
metronome and our lives’ reference frame.
I feel years fly past, my three-score outrun.

The mission is all; it defines our very
existence. So too our cargo is as
vital to the universe we carry:
half of a wormhole, a tunnel which has
one end embedded in earth, the good soil
of home, a threshold we can never cross.

… to be continued …



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